Reprise Magazine

re· prise | rəˈprēz/

a repeated passage in music, a repetition or further performance of something

Reprise is a music and culture magazine based in local Gainesville. I co-founded and art directed this publication. I fully curated the aesthetic identity and branding for the magazine, including coming up with the name, creating promotional social media graphics, and designing the logo. I also played a lead role in creating the publication’s website. In order to communicate our stories and increase public community engagement with the magazine, I developed and designed print materials such as zines. We published two issues and have had the zines shown at a local zine fair, introduced the first published zine at a Reprise Release Party, and distributed them at events. 

In addition to running the publication, I have orchestrated multiple events, such as house shows and restaurant fundraisers, to raise money for printing the magazine. I created promotional posters for both house show events and partnered with local musicians in the community. The house shows were a huge success, with over 100 attendants each time. We were able to raise a total of over $1000!  



This logo is inspired by the repeat symbol used in sheet music.

House show poster #1

House show poster #2